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I'm back again! Todays post is going tot be slightly different to my others (although still on makeup) but its not going to be the usual review. A few of my friends mentioned to me that they would like me to do some sort of post on makeup I think is essential to have, if you are just starting out with makeup, or even if you have a large collection. These are just a few items that I would not be able to live without! So without further a do, lets get on with it!

Lets start at the beginning. The first item that I think every girl should have in their makeup collection, is a foundation. Liquid or mousse, it doesn't really matter, but applying foundation on your face basically gives you a 'canvas' to work with, meaning you can build up the rest of your makeup. Personally, I prefer liquid foundations and I have gone through many of them. Currently, I am using the Japonesque Luminous foundation in the shade 04, however, it has very nearly run out and I am most likely going to do a review on which ever foundation I buy next! Anyway, It all depends on what type of skin you have. So for example, I get quite oily in places like my T-section and cheeks, so I am better off with a matte foundation (which i really should get!) But it is completely personal preference.

The next makeup item I would say I need, is concealer. I use concealer pretty much every day of my life and i find that even if I choose not to wear foundation for some reason, I will always wear concealer because it will give a small amount of coverage and make my face look much more even. I have had a few various concealers, although I always seem to go back to the same one. The collection Lasting Perfection concealer. I have spoken about this product in a few blogs before and I honestly can't put into words what I would do without it! It has amazing coverage and is really thick and creamy, making it easy to blend out. You can also get cream concealers, like the benefit 'Boing' concealer, but I find that the liquid ones have much better staying power.

My third makeup essential would be a contour or a bronzer. This is a major
part of doing my makeup because using bronzer or contour really sculpts and defines parts of your face. I normally just use bronzer around my jawline and under my cheek bones to make it look as if i have a longer and more structured face. For christmas I got the Hoola bronzer by Benefit and I absolutely love it! It comes out quite light, which is good because it allows you to gradually build the colour up. 

The next product I am going to talk about is an eye shadow palette. I have a variety of different palettes, ranging from neutral colours to much bolder ones. Eye shadow is a must for me and I love to experiment with different colour combinations and styles. I also feel that eye shadow finishes the makeup look and brings it all together because it is the main focal point of your face. The palette I am showing is a mini one I got from Estee Lauder and it has 6 lovely colours, some matte and some glittery. This palette comes everywhere with me and I love it to bits!

The penultimate product I am going to talk about is mascara. If you are just starting out in makeup or if you are an expert at it, mascara is crucial to have in your collection. Even if you choose not to wear makeup one day, wearing mascara will immediately make your eyes more pronounced which is a good look to go for. I am wearing two different mascaras at the moment, switching between the Estee Lauder  'Sumptious' mascara and the 'They're Real' mascara by Benefit.

My final makeup must is a neutral lipstick or lipgloss. Nude lipsticks are all the trend right now and they are just perfect for everyday wear. I wear my Maybelline lipstick everyday because it is not too bold and looks really natural, which is the look I tend to go for at school. 

And there you go! I really hope that this will help some of you when deciding what to buy next! I should be back soon with lots more posts!

As always,
Becky x

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