L'oreal bronzer 'glam bronze la terra' review

Last weekend, I went to bluewater for some last minute holiday shopping, and then stumbled across boots and ended up treating myself to some new drugstore makeup, because I obviously don't have enough already. One of the things I bought was the new L'oreal bronzer, which I had heard so much about from various youtubers and bloggers. I checked it out online and the reviews were all positive, so I figured it was worth a try. This cost me £12.99 and I got it in a three for two deal, so it all worked out quite well. However, even for 12.99, I think it is a seriously reasonable price for the quality and size of the product. I was very surprised when I saw it in boots because of how huge it was! To me, it looks like a much higher end product than it actually is, 1. because of the packaging, 2. because of the size, and 3. because of the pattern on it. I' not
sure why, and it's probably just me, but having the pattern engraved it the powder makes it 100x more appealing to me. Even thought L'oreal is one of the, let's say, nicer drugstore brands, I think this bronzer really out does itself. 

So, more about the actual product. When I first used this, I obviously applied FAR too much and ended up looking slightly like an Oompa Loompa, although, when using it for the second time, I gathered that a little goes a long way, and turned out nice and bronze as opposed to bright orange. The colour pigmentation is gorgeous and it's lasting power is extremely good. It stays on all day and adds a lovely, naturally sunkissed glow, due to the small flecks of glitter in the powder.

I have tried a few bronzes before, with this one being my absolute favourite. I mean, I love my hooks bronzer, but it's much more of a contour shade instead of an orangy bronzer. 

So, I would very highly recommend this product, and I think boots are still doing their three for two on all L'oreal products, so I would definitely suggest checking it out! If you would like me to review any of the other makeup items I bought in boots, just let me know, as I would be more than happy too! 

Lots of love,

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  1. This looks like something I'd love! And L'oréal is one of my favorite brands (:
    Nati xx