L'oreal Infallible 24hr matte foundation review

Another day, another post. Today I have another little review for all of you to enjoy (hopefully) as Sardinian internet is, let's say, difficult, so I'm working purely off of 3G, and reviews are quick, easy and still fun? Anyway, this is another of the items I purchased in my last shopping trip, and a product that I had wanted for a very long time before I got round to actually buying it. I first heard of it through Desi Perkins of YouTube, and then continued to see it absolutely everywhere in the makeup industry. However, I had used it prior to buying it, as I (stupidly) left my foundation at home when getting ready for prom, so my best friend Lizzie kindly lent me hers. I was so shocked on arrival home from prom when I looked in the mirror, and incredibly, my foundation hadn't disappeared off the surface of my face! Amazingly, my skin had in fact stayed matte, and from then on I was in awe of this foundation. So, as you can imagine, when I finally dropped this into my boots basket, I was more than excited to test it out again. Sure enough, when I used it again after nearly a month and a half, I was amazed all over again! It stayed out from when I applied it in the morning, until I removed it later that evening! RESULT!

On the back of the foundation, it says that it is a high coverage foundation, which I half agree with. I think that it is full enough coverage to cover over blemishes and any discolouration or patchiness, but still wearable for every day, which is just what I was looking for. Luckily, the shade I picked up - 20 Sand - matches my skin p e r f e c t l y and isn't too orange toned, which I was worried about originally. The consistency isn't too thick, so doesn't make my foundation cakey and still wearable on a daily basis. The formulation is really nice, and feels very soft on the skin when being applied. 

Many people have preferred ways in which to apply their foundation, and mine is definitely with my miracle complexion sponge, which looks just like a beauty blender, and I'm sure does just as good of a job. I just feel it worked miracles (pun not intended) with this foundation as it blends out any lines seemlessly with very little effort. 

This is definitely one of my all time favourite foundations, and one I know I will be repurchasing. At £7.99, for a foundation this good, you can't really go wrong, so I would totally reccomend checking it out! 

That's it from me today, and I hope you have enjoyed hearing my thoughts on this beauty of a foundation! I have an exciting new post coming very soon, which I am super excited about writing! I hope you are all having a fabulous summer, and I'll talk to you soon!

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