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If you are a regular reader here on beckysbeautyblog, you may know that I have recently been in Sardinia, and on the way home, we stopped off at a huge shopping centre, where they had a Kiko store. Two years previousy, we were doing exactly the same thing, and being only 14 and not really into makeup, I walked straight past the store without giving it a second glance. But this time, being the makeup lover that I am, I honestly could not resist to go in and spend the well saved holiday euros I had kept from my grandparents. 

If you don’t know what Kiko is, its basically a brand that is half way between drugstore makeup an high end makeup. The quality of their products are more high end, but the price is most definitely drugstore, or even cheaper. As it is Italian, they have lots all over Europe, and also have some in London, although I am waiting to go and pick up some more goodies next weekend. Before shopping in store, it’s safe to say that I did ALOT of research before purchasing anything because I wanted to make sure I was buying the right stuff. After reading endless reviews and watching hundreds of videos, I had a mental list of the items I wanted to pick up. 

When walking in to the shop, I didn’t know where to go first! Almost every surface is covered in makeup, from bright orange lipsticks to the darkest nail varnishes. They have it all. Its like being in a sweet shop, but instead its makeup, all in gorgeous packaging and with very appealing price tags. The prices in pounds and euros seem to be the same (so in Sardinia, the lipsticks were €6.90, and in Britain, they seem to be £6.90 also) but for the purposes of this blog, I’ll give all prices in £s.

I took my little basket and headed over to the lipstick wall. All I can say is, wow. They have almost every finish of lipstick that you could imagine, in a whole range of colours. After my previous research, I knew that the finish I wanted was 'Velvet mat’ as creamy lipsticks look slightly ridiculous on me, so matte is definitely more my style. 

I picked up two of these lipsticks in the shades:

601 - A gorgeous neutral brown, perfect for everyday wear.

602 - A lovely pinky nude, with a hint of mauve, again, good for school and to wear on a daily basis.

Both £6.90 

Whist I was among all the lip products, I found the lip liners, which had been one of my priorities to buy. As at home, I knew I mainly had pink toned lip liners, I decided that I needed to be slightly more daring, and went for some darker shades as well as a liner to match the newly bought lipsticks.

I got my hands on two of the ‘Smart lip pencils’ in the shades:

710 - A deep purple, a perfect match for Mac ‘Amorous’.

706 - A bright red, amazing for overlining the lips, and a great match to Mac ‘Ruby Woo’.

£1.20 each

And also the precision lip liner in the shade:

302 - a brown undertoned pinky nude, to go with the new lippys.

£4.20 each

Next, I wandered on over to the eyeshadow stand, and oh my goodness, it was like a rainbow! Kiko have many, many different styles and colours and finishes of eyeshadow, so it took an extremely long time, as the eyeshadow addict that I am, to choose the perfect colour. In the end I settled for one of the normal single eyeshadows, and then two of the Infinity eyeshadows, which are supposed to be for the ‘palette clics system’, but I just preferred the colours, and they have a small plastic lid which is very handy. Also as they are so thin because they are just in the pan, it saves a lot of room, making it super duper easy to store. 

The Infinity shades I picked up, were:

210 - an ever so slightly shimmery warm brown, with small flecks of gold.

236 - a more full-on pale rose gold shimmer shade, perfect for highlighting the brow bone and inner corner.

Both £2.80

And the normal, highly pigmented eyeshadow in the shade:

133 - A deep reddy-brown shimmer, with red and gold flecks.

£1.40 each

I finally headed over to the nail varnishes, and whilst in the process of looking at products that were a must, I read that you shouldn't leave Kiko without one of their nail varnishes! As I didn’t have tonnes of money left at this point, I opted for their original nail lacquer (I think?) as it was very cheap, and the colour choice was beyond belief! 

The lacquers I grabbed, were in the shades:

320 - A very dusty, mauvey neutral colour, great for everyday use.

365 - A more muted pink shade, again, not too bold, so perfect for everyone to use.

£1.00 each 

As I headed over to the counter to pay, The lady picked out the blusher I had chosen, which was just one of the original ones, and told me that the new, limited edition, Rebel Romantic ‘Bouncy blush’ was much better, as they had a different feel to them. After feeling it, it had a very interesting consistency, which wasn't mousse or cream, but not really powder either. It’s a very difficult texture to describe, and the language barrier between me and the lady, made her explaining how to use it, very difficult. In the end, I decided to try it instead of the plain powder blush, and see if it really is any good.

The lady helped me with the colour, and in the end we went for:

02 adorable pink - A brightish pink, with a subtle gold shimmer, making it gorgeous with a gold eye and bold lip.

£9.90 each

And that was it! I also persuaded my mum and little sister to explore the Kiko store, and they both ended up buying the tinted lip balms, one of the eye liners, and A LOT of nail varnish, so between the three of us, we have about 8 of them. From what they’ve told me, they have been enjoying the products as well, so overall, I am getting a very good vibe form Kiko! 

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in the store, although I am excited and also interested to see the difference between the London shop and the Sardinian shop, to see if they have the same, wide range of products. I’ll make sure to do some reviews on all the items I love, so you can see a more in depth post about the individual product, with swatches and whether it gets a thumbs up or thumbs down form me. Make sure you follow me on Twitter and Instagram so you can see when my new posts are up, and also see what I get up to every day! Until next time my lovelies..

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