Wherever To Begin....

Wherever to begin.. Well as this is my very first blog post, (all this is rather new to me so it would be amazing if you could stay with me) I decided it would be necessary to do a small introduction of what this blog is going to about and the sorts of things I will be talking to you lovely people about. So, I spent rather a long time contemplating over what I felt comfortable writing about, but also what I LOVE talking about. And I finally came to the conclusion that it HAD to be beauty. It says it all in the name and but if you haven't already guessed, this is going to be my blog purely about beauty. Beauty has quite a large variety of different topics but my main focus will be makeup and clothes as these are the two things that I would NOT be able to live without. However, of course I am willing to talk about absolutely anything you like (well to a certain extent of course) so you can always drop me an email with any other topics you would like me to talk about.

My main inspiration for this blog was my very best friend lizzie from 
beautyandtheblog-uk.blogspot.com. She has just created this amazing blog about beauty, fashion and lifestyle, and I just thought it was such a fab idea that I had to create one. Also, recently I have been reading lots of blogs about beauty and makeup and I thought 'hmmm this sounds fun, maybe I should give it a try' so I did. Also, I love anything beauty related and figured that a blog all about beauty would be the perfect thing to create! So yes, this is how my blog came to life and hopefully I will keep you all entertained with my witty sense of humour and my adorable face (only joking). So until nextime..

Becky x

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