'Supercat' VS 'They're Real! Push up liner'

So today is the battle of the eyeliners and I will be comparing these two lovely eyeliners and deciding which one I prefer! Without further a do, let the battle commence!

Soap and Glory SUPERCAT
Lets start off with the 'Supercat' felt tip eyeliner pen by Soap and Glory (which I did previously mention in my last post). This is a lovely product as it easily slides across your eye with ease, and the colour comes out really well as you don't have to apply hundreds of layers for the colour to show well. Personally, I find that felt tip eyeliners are so much easier to apply than gel/liquid liner as it takes no time at all and you pretty much get a perfect line every time! (with a tiny bit of practice of course) Also if you are just starting out with makeup and you want to use eyeliner to add some definition to your eyes, then a felt tip is easy to use and doesn't take long to apply. One thing I would say about this product is that it is not water-proof, which is a positive and negative all in one. I'd say it was negative because if you are in the rain or you get a bit sweaty during the day, it does smudge quite easily which can ultimately end up ruining  your makeup look, which none of us want to happen... However, saying this, it can be  positive because it is extremely easy to wash/clean off and you don't have to scrub your eyes for ages, you just use your normal makeup remover, or even just wash your face with water and soap. This product cost only cost me £4 in a special deal, but it is normally £6 which is amazing for the quality of this product.

Benefit They're Real! Push-up liner
Now, moving on to Benefits 'Push-up liner'. I got this present for my birthday back in June and I really do love it. It has a specially designed 'lash-hugging tip' which helps get the liner as close to your eye as possible, making it reasonably easy application. I used this product all over summer when it was very hot and the eyeliner did not budge. It stays on all day no problem as it is very waterproof. However, There I do have some negative points. Firstly, to remove this product, you need the special 'They're Real! remover' which luckily I got as part of my birthday present, but normally it costs you another good £14.50 which, lets face it, it pretty ridiculous. Then you have to add the cost of the liner which is £18.50 here in the UK to the price of the remover which gives you a grand total of £33. Don't get me wrong, I love benefit products, but £33 for one eyeliner and a remover is just silly. Also, it says that this product is very easy to use... but I'd have to disagree. I find when applying it, it tugs at my skin when trying to get the right sort of line, which in the long-term could damage the skin on your eyelids. So my verdict is that it is a good product and I'm very glad I have it, but for the price, I'm not 100% sure its worth it.

So, I love both these products for different reasons, as the supercat liner is very easy to apply and has a lovely finish, but the push-up liner is waterproof making it easier to wear in hot weather. Overall if I had to choose between these two liners, I would defiantly go with the soap and glory liner as it is much cheaper and I feel as if you get a lot more for your money than the benefit one. I hope this post helps you when buying your next liner! Can't wait to chat to you all soon, but until next time...
Becky x

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