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So, another day another post and today I will be taking you through my 'eye makeup routine'. Obviously, my eye makeup will change from day-to-day, as the routine I'm going to do wouldn't be something you would wear for school as it involves quite a lot of eye shadow, which in my school isn't allowed. Well lets get to it then!Firstly I start by preping my eyes by using the 'It's Potent!' eye cream by Benefit and I apply this under both my eyes. I only have a small sample of this item but it really is noticeably affective as it gets rid of dark under-eye circles and makes the skin around your eyes much softer and easier to apply concealer, foundation etc... When the cream has dried I move straight on to concealer! At the moment I am using the Collection 'Lasting Perfection' concealer as this has really good coverage and blends in to the skinreally well without making your face look cakey. I apply concealer underneath my eye and also on my eyelid and then blend it into my skin, I just pat it down with my ring finger, because if you slide your finger back and fourth under your eye it can really damage the skin. I find that by putting the concealer on my eyelid it just helps to lock my eye shadow onto my eye. I then set the concealer using my Rimmel 'stay matte powder' and a fluffy powder brush. This just sets the concealer ensuring that your eye makeup will stay on all day.
I now move on to eye shadow, how exciting! I have recently been using the 'AMMO' by Urban Decay palette A LOT, as all the colours are super pigmented and don't seem to slide of your face after wearing them for half an hour. I start off with one colour and apply it just over the lid of my eye, not going up to my brow as I blend it all out later. I normally start off with a darker colour and here I am using 'Smog' as it blends out really well, creating a smoky look. I apply this first base with a fluffy eye shadow brush and when this is done, use a blending brush to blend out the edges, going quite close to my brow. Lastly, with this same colour, I take an angled brush and apply this under my eye just to make my eyes seem larger. When this is done, I take a lighter shade, in this case 'Sin' and apply a little to the corner of my eye as this adds a highlight, giving the effect of bigger eyes. I also apply this colour to the centre of my eye. These two colours compliment each other really well as they both have a pinky undertone. I then take my last colour which should be the darkest one, I use 'Oil Slick', and I just add a small amount to my crease, to add depth. EYE SHADOW DONE.So I now use the Rimmel 'Scandaleyes Retro Glam' mascara and apply it quite generously to my top and bottom lashes. This mascara is great for both volume and length, but you can always use more than one mascara if needed. You can either leave your eyes like this OR you can go ahead and use pencil liner on your waterline and a liquid/gel/felt tip on your top lash line. I am using the 'Supercat' by Soap and Glory as it gives a lovely straight line and has a thin tip so you can get the flick just right.

And voilĂ ! You have a beautiful, bright eye makeup look that can go well with pretty much any style of makeup from a night out or just a trip to London it really works for every occasion! (Well possibly not school). I really hope you liked my eye makeup routine/tutorial and I cant wait to speak to you all soon!

Becky x

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