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And I'm back! Awfully sorry I haven't posted for a few days but I've been very busy and have not had time to post anything! Anyway, today I will be talking about the makeup products I use on my face. I will be going through the order I apply my face makeup and also the products I use! So without further a do...

Firstly I start off by using my concealer. I feel that concealer is key with any makeup look as it basically fills in any blemishes you have and covers up and dark or blotchy patches of skin. Personally, I always start with my concealer first as I feel it gives me a nice base to start with and gets rid of any spots, under-eye circles etc... I apply concealer to 3 parts of my face. The first being under and around my eyes as this helps delete dark circles. The second place is around my nose or any other red patches on my face, and the last place is on any spots or blemishes. I am currently using the 'lasting perfection' concealer by Collection and I have repurchased this item 3 times and I am still in love with it. It has great coverage and doesn't look too cakey.
Next, I use my liquid foundation and apply this all over my face (not my eyelids) as this really evens out my skin tone and gives me a nice area to apply the rest of my makeup too. I don't think that using foundation is essential if you have good skin as it is only really evening out your face. There are so many brands of foundation and I have tried lots of different ones out, from Rimmel to Japonesque. The one i am using at the moment is the 'Illuminous foundation' by Japonesque, as it has good coverage, although can be quite dewy when it is very hot.

Now I would powder my face using the Rimmel 'Stay Matte powder' as this gives my face a lovely, matte finish which gives me a much nicer surface to apply blush, bronzer etc... I think that everyone should have some sort of powder in their everyday makeup as it really helps to set your makeup and gives it a much nicer finish. I t can also make your makeup last a lot longer as it locks the foundation and concealer in place.

I now use blusher on the tops of my cheek bones to add some colour to my face. Blusher is a lovely way to help define your features and ass a nice shimmer to your face. I am using the Topshop blush called 'Do it again' and this is a really lovely colour as it has a shimmery undertone, which is perfect for winter. Again, like the foundation, this is not essential, but it does add colour and can make you look more alive (even if you're not!) 

Lastly, I use a bronzer to define my cheekbones and add some depth to my face. I really love using bronzer as you can use it is lots of different places to define all your features. I just add it along my cheekbones, on my temple and around my jawline. I find that it accentuates my features making them look more pronounced. I use a the Bourjois Delice de poudre which is also lovely bronzer as it is very pigmented and goes on really easily!

So I hope that you enjoyed reading my favourite face makeup products, and I also hope that it helps you to but the right things for your face! Obviously my makeup changes all the time, depending on the occasion, but this is just what I would wear normally, but you can add and take bits away as you please! It would be great for you to leave my a tweet or email about other things I should talk about!

Becky x

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  1. That bourjois bronzer is the best! Lovely blog btw!! 😚😚

  2. I know! isn't it just!!! thank you and love yours too!!💘