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Hello everyone! it's been far too long, and for that, I apologise. I have been very busy lately with work and then I wasn't very well for a few days, but now I'm back, ready and raring to go! So today I thought I would do something slightly different to the normal makeup posts I have been doing, so I decided that I would spice things up a little, and talk all about clothes! More specifically, topshop clothes. I have been shopping in topshop for about two years now so have purchased quite a few items, and today I will be going through a few of my favourite things! Hope you enjoy!

I think that most girls that have ever worn topshop jeans will agree with me when I say that topshop jeans are the best jeans ever. Over 2 years, I have gotten through 4 pairs of jeans and not once have I been disappointed. Topshop have a huge variety of styles, from the normal Leigh jeans, to the mom jeans. They also have a large variety of colours, and I have a dark blue/denim colour. The jeans I have currently are the high waisted jonie jeans and they are so comfortable as they are mainly made out of Lycra, making them very wearable. These were £36 which I think is very reasonable compared to some other brands like brandy Melville or Levis!
The jumper I am wearing is one of the basic knitted jumpers and mine is a pale blue colour. Topshop jumpers are extremely warm and comfortable, including this one! I wear it all the time and I throw it on with almost anything! this was £42 which yes, is quite pricey, but this has lasted over a year so I think it is definitely worth it!

This jumper is a new buy for me and I am absolutely loving it! this is a low v necked knit jumper and at the moment I am living in it! this is perfect for everyday wear as it is very plain but looks amazing! They also have a lot of different colours and I just went for the light grey. This was £38, which again, like the other jumper is rather pricey but I had a voucher and thought 'why not!'
I paired this jumper with Topshops plain black leggings which are £12, but very good quality. I have repurchased these countless times and still love them! They have lots of different types but I think these are just the normal, original ones.

I got this beautiful dress especially for my cousins Christening back in October, but thought it would be the perfect dress for any formal occasion (I mainly had christmas in mind!) The picture doesn't show it too well, but it is a lovely dark, bottle green colour and is made out of a really soft stretchy material making it super easy and comfortable to wear. I just wore it with black tights, small black heels and a cream cardigan, the perfect winter outfit!

I got this coat last year as a Christmas present from my parents and it had definitely been well worn! This is my favourite winter coat as it is very warm and has the most amazing fluffy hood to keep your head warm and toasty. It has lots of pockets which is very handy for keeping my phone and gloves in so I don't always have to carry a big bag around with me. I got the navy blue colour but I think it comes in a burgundy red as well. At £60, I think you get your money's worth and more! 
I have matched my coat with this lovely checked scarf that I also got for Christmas last year. It is quite a bright scarf with some bright yellow and greens, but for some reason, it looks amazing with so many different outfits! I either wear it just over my shoulders (around my neck) or wrap it once around my neck if I'm feeling extra cold! I think this was £16, but Topshop get new scarfs in all the time so you'll always be able to find something new!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you liked something a bit different! Obviously as you can I am no model but it was fun to do something new! Hopefully talk to you all soon!

Becky x

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