Kiko Velvet Mat lipsticks review

If you saw one of my most recent posts, which was a huge Kiko Milano haul (click here for full blog post) I mentioned that if I was really loving any of the products I bought, I would dedicate a whole post to a certain product, and talk about it in more detail. So today, that is exactly what I am going to do! Some of the products I knew I would be purchasing even before I went into the shop, were the Velvet Mat lipsticks. I had read so many reviews on these specific lipsticks because I am a matte girl and am looking to build up my collection. These lipsticks are insane. I knew that they would be good, but not nearly as good as they actually are. I picked up the shades 601 and 602 which I think are the lightest shades in this finish, and I am obsessed with them. The texture, the staying power, how they look is all amazing, and the beauty of the packaging only adds to the magnificence of this lipstick. The only lipsticks I really wear are the lip bullets by Mac, as I think the formulation and colour choices are amazing, but honestly Mac, I think you have some competition. Even though the quality of the lipstick may not be quite up to the same standard as those from Mac, but for the price of these lipsticks, you seriously can't go wrong.

The shade 601 is your standard nude lipstick, with a brown undertone to it. This is just PERFECT for everyday use, like school and work, as its not to bold, but just looks very natural on the lips. I think this colour would be best matched to someone with a slight olive tone to their skin as it is fairly pale and compliments a darker skin colour really well. I normally match this lipstick with the Kiko precision lip liner, as it is slightly darker than the lipstick its self, therefore making your lips look slightly ombréd if blended in together properly. Out of the two I actually picked up, I think I have to say that I prefer this one ever so slightly, because it is just more natural, and can be worn with hundreds of different makeup looks.

The other shade I bought, 602, is a darker, more pink undertoned nude, although still natural enough to wear from day-to-day. I would say that this mauvey shade of lipstick goes really well with gold eyes, because I feel as if the two colours compliment each other really nicely. As opposed to the lighter shade, 602 would match many different skin tones, so from olive toned, to much fairer skin, I think that this colour would still look amazing. I like to compliment this lipstick with a darker lipliner, like Mac 'dervish' because when blended, it creates a really nice effect, and the lipstick has instantly turned from being a day-time colour, to a more full on night-out shade. As you can probably tell from my description, it is a very versatile lip colour, and I think that that is why I love it so much!

Onto the texture. When applying these, they feel super creamy and hydrating, but have a much more satin finish, and don't look too shiny. I wouldn't go as far as saying they are matte, but I think that semi-matte would be a better description. Also, especially as I have a bad habit of rubbing my lips together throughout the day, a re-application can sometimes be needed, certainly after eating, because the colour can fade. However, if you are like me, you will just carry around this lipstick in your bag and it should be no problem at all!

I have already suggested these gorgeous little products to lots of my friends as I really think they are worth the fuss! However, if matte isn't quite your style, they have hundreds of finishes to choose from, so I am sure you will find it no trouble at all to find your perfect lipstick from Kiko's huge range!

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed a short review on these lovely lipsticks! Another 'lipstick' themed post should be up soon! Leave any comments or suggestions below!


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