London haul!

Yes I know, another haul, BUT this isn't just makeup, its a whole range of things and I cannot wait to share them with you!

Recently, my friend Sophie and I headed up to London for a cheeky little shopping trip, which actually ended up being not so little. As you may know, I have just started sixth form, which means no school uniform, which means more clothes. As the trends are always changing, buying new winter/autumn clothes is a must for me, because I just love wearing all the autumnal colours. I would probably have to say that 'fall' and winter are my favourite times of the year, one of the main reasons being the makeup styles, and also the clothes. I am a huge lover of knitted jumpers and long-sleeved tops, and especially as I get to wear whatever I want every single day, autumn this year is even better.

Being the 16 year olds that we are, we thought what better place to go shopping, than Oxford Street. If you live near London, you will most likely know that Oxford Street is one of the busiest shopping streets in London, as it has about every single shop you could need. Well actually about three of every shop. I know, ridiculous right? Anyway, we headed up on separate trains and met at London Victoria, and then two tube stops later, as if by magic, we were at Oxford Circus. We figured that by starting at the top, and then working our way down the road, we would be able to cover all the shops, so thats precisely what we did.

We started off in Zara, one of my favourite shops, where I already knew exactly what I was getting. I had been looking searching the internet high and low for a new BIG bag for the new school year, because having a reasonably large bag is very helpful when you're like me and carry just about everything possible around with you. When I spotted the bag I had found online, I immediately ran over to it and knew instantly that it was the right one. I thought that I would be daring and go for something other than black, so I though red was a great alternative, as my wardrobe is mainly black, white and grey, so red will go with all of it. It is very large and has one pocket on the inside which I easily fit my phone and keys in. I has one magnetic popper to keep it closed, meaning it is very easy to get into when you need it, but the magnet is very strong so it's not constantly coming undone. They also sell this in black, but as I said, I wanted to spice things up a bit this year!

PLAIN TOTE - £22.99

We then headed on off to Urban outfitters, and after trying a few things on, I decided to go with this gorgeous black poncho/cardigan. Its safe to say I have nothing like this in my wardrobe, and thought it would be a nice edition to it. As you can probably see, it goes with just about anything, and is super warm, again, perfect for winter. The did have this in a few other colours, but you can't really go wrong with black, so I opted for it in the end. It is a really soft material and also amazingly comfortable. For me, it almost doubles up as a blanket, so great for those cold winter nights!

Next was Topshop. To be honest though, I had higher hopes for it, as I had a voucher I wanted to spend. However, after trying some different things on, I wasn't really feeling it, and we moved on to the next shop, H&M.

H&M is one of my all-time f a v o u r i t e shops, as it is really reasonably priced, and I think that the quality of the products is amazing. I think there are 3 separate H&Ms on Oxford Street, and the one we went to was absolutely bloody massive. It must've had 4? 5? floors!? Anyway, after trying a lot of stuff on, I ended up with a a top and a jumper. I am obsessed with this jumper! First off, its grey, so before even trying it on, I knew I would love it. Then second of all, its not tight at the bottom of it, which is something I find really unflattering on myself. Anyway, it is quite a light weight jumper, so I can still wear a long sleeved top underneath without getting too hot. Its sort of a knitted, speckled mix of white, light and dark grey and black, which I really love. Its lovely and comfortable and goes with just about everything! Love love love it!


The other thing I got from H&M was this three quarter length striped top. Sophie spotted this, and I really liked the look of it, and could automatically picture myself wearing it as a baggy top with leggings or a pair of jeans. So I picked it up in a  large because I thought, hey, I want a baggy top. The material is really soft and comfortable, and I really like the buttons at the front. After wearing it once so far, I also like how it looks with the sleeves rolled up slightly!


Our next stop was somewhere I had been seriously excited about going to, and that was Brandy Melville. I have a whole post dedicated to Brandy Melville here, but after having searched through their entire website, I was probably the most excited I'd ever been to go into a shop. If you have ever been into a Brandy, you will know that Brandy soft, is unlike any other soft out there. I really don't know how they do it, but they honestly have THE softest clothes in the world. I ended up walking out of Brandy with quite a few things, that the lady at the counter even went 'wow' when I went up to pay.

The first thing I got was this long-sleeved striped top with a hood and pocket, and I just love it. It is quite thin so you could easily wear a tank top underneath, but I like to just wear it as a top. It is incredibly soft and super comfy to wear. This pairs up well with jeans and leggings, and is very versatile due to its simplicity.


The second thing I purchased was something of the same style, but then completely different at the same time. This is a gorgeous grey, cropped 'hoodie' that is also quite thin so I just wear it as a top with nothing underneath. Its incredibly comfy and looks good with just about anything!


Next is just your bog standard plain tee. This is a lovely navy blue 'almost cropped but not' v-neck t-shirt, which essentially is just a staple in my wardrobe! Again, super soft and there is nothing it doesn't go with!


Probably my favourite top from the trip, and this is just a tight-sleeved, ribbed, black top with a v-neck and 3 buttons in the centre. This is nice and thick, and as you've probably guessed, very comfortable. I love all the basic things this year, because I just feel that it gives you far more versatility, and can be made very different with many accessories. 

The last things I purchased from Brandy, were two cardigans that are the same, just different colours. I am honestly in love with these slouchy cardigans because they are comfy and look lovely at the same time. I wouldn't say it's a 'chunky' cardigan, but it's thick enough to keep you warm. It's slightly longer at the front and just compliments outfits very nicely. I decided to go for one light and one dark so I could wear them with all sorts of outfits!

The next shop I bought something from was muji, and if you have never been to one, you are seriously missing out. Muji is a really crazy shop and has the strangest stuff! They sell everything from clothes, to stationary, to makeup storage and so much more. However, what I love it for is the acrylic storage. I already have the 5 draw makeup storage and then two acrylic makeup brush pots, so this time so just went in to buy another one! I would highly suggest checking muji out online because they have some awesome stuff!
The last thing I bought on this shopping trip was a new highlight. When we went into selfriges, I had my heart set on one of the matte revolution lipsticks by Charlotte Tilbury, but none of them really took my fancy. Instead, I opted for a MAC highlight as I only have a cheap one from Makeup revolution, and wanted to treat myself to something a bit more high end. I got the mineralise skin finish highlight in 'Soft and gentle' which is a gorgeous champagne colour and I am absolutely obsessed!
And that is it! I had a wonderful time shopping, and think I am officially set for winter! I hope you enjoyed reading, and I will be back soon! Any feedback is appreciated and so are suggestions. I hope everyone is having fun back at school, and I will speak to you all soon!

lots of love,

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