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My first ever post actually about beauty. How very very exciting. Today I will be talking all about my favourite lip products eeeek how fun! Lip items have to be one of my favourite pieces of makeup as there is such a huge variety of different brands, colours, types etc... so I thought it would be a perfect topic to ramble on about. I will be talking about my 5 favourite lip products and what I love so much about them. I have included some more high end products and some drug store bands just for a cheeky bit of variation.

The first lipstick I will be talking about (probably my favourite lipstick ever!) is by M.A.C. M.A.C have an absolutely huge range of lipsticks, from 'cream sheens' to 'mattes' they literally have them all! They also have a lovely selection of colours that suit for every occasion. The particular lipstick I have is satin and it is in the colour 'Amorous'. This is a recent buy for me but I already love it. The pigmentation is amazing and it feels very light and moisturising on your lips. The way in which I would describe this colour is a dark reddy purple, PERFECT for Christmas! I purchased this because I was looking for a 'winter' lipstick and this reached all my standards. The price of this is quite reasonable seeing as it is M.A.C but then again compared to some of the drugstore brands like Rimmel, it is a tad pricey. I got mine for £15.50 in Selfridges but the prices are the same wherever you buy it. I am super happy with this and I highly recommend checking out the rest of the range!

The next lipstick I am focusing on is a L'oreal lipstick which is another one of my favs! The thing I love about L'oreal makeup is that even though it is sold in drug stores (Boots, Superdrug) it is really high-end quality! This product is from the colour riche range and says that it is suited best for blonde (I picked this up even though I'm brunette because I bloody loved the colour!) The colour I purchased is called 'Cassis Passion' and is number 376. This is an absolutely beautiful dark red shade which I found lovely for autumn and it has a slightly purple undertone. Like the M.A.C lipstick above, the pigmentation is amazing and it is really glossy and moisturising. Also you can wear the lipstick in 'different stages' as you could wear it full on, for a night out or if you are going for a bolder makeup look, or you can apply just a little and blend it out to get a more 'toned down' effect. I think this is a great product, and for only £6.99 you can't really go wrong!

My next product is a lipgloss that I got hold of in Sephora when I went to France in the summer. It is the 'Naked' by Urban Decay lipgloss and is in the colour 'LOVECHILD' I adore this product so much as it shows really well and it stay glossy for a really long time, unlike some of the other lip glosses I have tried, e.g The Rimmel 'Vinyl Gloss'. Also, it has a nice taste to it which makes it very pleasant to wear. This cost me €19 (£15.24) and It was definitely a good buy. I wear it all the time (even for school) as it is very subtle but gives a nice tint of colour. Also the packaging is super cute and I think this aspect of the product is mainly what caught my eye.
Back to M.A.C again, this is another one of my all time favs and I also got this in Sephora in France. I think this lipstick is amazing for summer as it quite bright and girly, but then again can be worn during winter as well as it has a sort of gold, glittery undertone. This lipstick is from the 'Mineralise Rich' range and I chose the colour 'Elegant Accent' as it really stood out for me. The lipstick is really well pigmented and goes on your lips really smoothly. It is also very moisturising and stays on your lips extremely well. I picked this up for €23 (18.40) and this is the most expensive out of the 5 lip products I am talking about. It is more expensive than the satin M.A.C lipstick because it was their new range and has different packaging. Speaking of packaging, the look of this lipstick is beautiful as it is very minimalistic. This is definitely a great buy and I think this colour is a makeup-essential!

The last lip product I have chosen to speak about is the Lip Bullet by Topshop. Topshop have a fab range of makeup and honestly, I don't think it is talked about enough! I have the colour 'Joyride' and it is a lovely red. It is so well pigmented and the colour last for a really long time so you don't need to keep re-applying it. (That is probably the worst thing about lipstick) However, I would say that this is much more of a lipstick for a night out as it is very bright, so not the sort of lipstick you would wear for school. Well i know i wouldn't. This cost me £8 and I think it is very reasonable for the product. Lastly, one negative I do have about this product is that I find it stains your lips. For example, if you accidentally get it on the side of you mouth when applying it, it takes a while to get off which can sometimes end up ruining your whole makeup look! But... if you are a pro at applying lipstick (unlike me) then this is a lovely product to have.

So I really hope you all enjoyed this post, and make sure you tweet me with any things you want me to chat about!

Becky x

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  1. Never knew there was so much in lipstick! If you could have lipstick in the world what would it be?

    1. It would have to be 'Ingrid' by NARS!!!