O.P.I 'Turn on the Haute light' review

Hello my lovelies! Once again, I am so sorry it's been a while but I'm back now and should be posting more frequently as it's the holidays! So, back to beauty, today I am going to be reviewing one of my new favourite products, which is a nail lacquer by O.P.I. After going many years without any O.P.I nail varnishes, I was over the moon when I got this one. It is a lovely metallic silver with tiny specs of glitter, PERFECT for Christmas! The colour is called 'Turn On The Haute Light' and it is super easy to apply because of the shape of the lid and brush. Whenever wearing nail varnish, I always wear two coats just to make it as opaque as possible, but with this you only need one. However, wearing two can make your manicure last a lot longer. One other thing I love about this polish is that it lasts a long time without chipping so you don't have to frequently go over it hundreds of times! It is sold at £11.95 on the O.P.I website but it can be cheaper depending on your choice of shop. I would highly recommend this nail varnish, especially for the holiday season as it goes with almost anything and is very festive!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this short post and I shall speak to you all again very soon! 

Becky x

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