Best Brushes Yet?

Hello everyone! This time it has been far too long and I am so very sorry. But now, my mocks are done and I am ready to blog my heart out. Today I thought about talking about my new favourite products (eeeeeeeeek) for Christmas, I got the special edition set of real techniques brushes 'Nic's picks' and I bloomin love them! In the set you get five brushes, two limited edition, one duo fibre and two normal brushes. For some more detail... keep reading!

Duo-fibre face brush
This brush is incredible for blusher. I know it's technically a 'face' brush but I started using it to do my blush and I love it! The brilliant thing with this brush is that it never allows you to apply too much product and I think this is because of the type of bristles that are used. When using this brush, it ensures you add just the right amount of product for a lovely glow! I mean you could obviously use this for your face, but I personally prefer it for my blusher!

Cheek brush
So I've been a bit cheeky (get it?) here as well, because as you can see, I use the face brush for my cheeks, so as you can probably guess, I use the cheek brush for my face! This is probably my favourite brush out of the five in the set and It almost reminds me of a large expert face brush. The bristles aren't too condensed which means it doesn't make your makeup look cakey which is definitely a plus! This brush is also great for applying power even if you haven't used liquid foundation as it helps give amazing coverage!

Base shadow brush
This brush is just perfect for applying eye shadow, even though it says 'base' I find it is great for just applying it but also blending it in. I use this all over my eye but mainly to layer the base eyeshadow which I guess is what it's meant for! As this is  nice size brush, you could probably get away with using for under-eye  concealer because it is so soft and blends with ease. 

Angled shadow brush
this brush is PERFECT for applying eyeshadow to the crease of your eye because it is slanted so fits into the crease to add shadow and depth. Like the base shadow brush, this is really good for blending out eyeshadow and also layering it. The brush is so so soft so makes it very pleasant to apply eyeshadow with. It also applies the makeup really smoothly and doesn't make it look cakey and unprofessional. 

Eyeliner brush
Much like the first two brushes, funnily enough I don't use this brush for my eyeliner, I use it for my brows. I find that as this brush is so small and fine, it makes your eyebrows look more natural which is the look I tend to go for. I also use this brush for small detail along my lash line because it is so small you can be really precise! The reason I don't use it for eyeliner is because I'm not a huge fan of gel liner, however I have previously used it for lining my eyes with a black shadow and then blending it out to give lovely smokey look!

Even though I got these as a Christmas present, I know that they are sold at £20 online and in boots and super drug which I think it an incredible price for the quality of the products! I would highly recommend these brushes as you could very easily get away with creating a whole makeup look with just these five brushes! sorry it's been so long but I hope you have enjoyed this post and I should hopefully be back very soon!

Much love,
Becky x

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