Happy Friday everyone! SO… I am finally back on track with uploading my blogs, although I have a feeling that I won’t be able to upload them as frequently as I would hope to. I am thinking of uploading once a week (maybe twice if I’m feeling fancy) and it will probably normally be on a Friday as I get home from school early and will have much more time!

Anyway, today I am back with a lifestyle post about some gorgeous candles I got for Christmas. As a Person who has never really candles before, I was extremely excited when I unwrapped these on Christmas morning! These two candles are from Marks & Spencer and are part of the ‘La Maison De Senteurs’ range. There are lots of different scents from this range, but I got a lemon fragrance and also a floral fragrance. These to scents complement each other really nicely therefore it is lovely to have them lit in the same room because when the smells mix the outcome is amazing! Surprisingly the smell outcome of the candles is really good and make the whole room smell lovely and fresh. As I said before, I have never really had candles before, but after getting these, I definitely want to get some more because they smell incredible! After looking on the Marks &Spencer website, these are £6 at the moment and also have a   deal on which is buy one get one half price, so if I were you, I’d go and order some straight away! And not going to lie, but £6 for a Candle like this is pretty incredible! I tend to keep these two candles either side of my makeup table, or even on my desk when I’m working. I think that candles are a great way to help you relax and also are a really beautiful way to light up and also make the air smell gorgeous.

Sorry that this is such a short post (I feel like I’m always apologising! Sorry!) but I will be   back next week with something different for you all to read and hopefully enjoy! 

Lots of love

Becky x

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