Quick life update and last months faves

Hello everyone! I am back once more, this time with a quick update about what's been going on, and also a few of the things I was loving last month!

So I think the Last time I posted was in February, which was a very long time ago and I just can't believe I have not posted since! Well, the last few months have been very busy, and the next few months are going to be too. I have my GCSE's the week after next which is taking up an awful lot of my time because of revision etc... Also, the other week, I had my drama final piece, and the rehearsals for that took even more of my time. Then, on top of that, I am currently in a play, which is being performed in July, so with revision and rehearsals, I don't tend to have that much spare time anymore! Although I'm pretty excited for the exams (well lets say I'm more excited about what's going to happen after the exams!) Straight after my exams, I have a very long holiday of something like 2 and a bit months which is just crazy, and I already have a tonne of stuff planned, like Prom, going to Sardinia and Aldeburgh and meeting up with friends blah blah blah. So as you can see, busy times ahead, so probably not much blogging will happen between now and the end of June which is pretty sad. Although, during the holidays I'll have all the time in the world, so you'll definitely be hearing from me then!

Now onto my favourites...

This foundation is literally my life. I heard about it through my friends and I just had to try it because it looked amazing on them! I have pretty oily skin, so I was more or less looking for a matte foundation, or one best suited for oily skin. As you may know, No. 7 have a really good range of foundation, but the 'beautifully matte' one is just perfect for my skin type. Also, as well as being, well, matte, it has a SPF 15, so perfect for the summer.

I got this lipliner around the middle of last month, but I've been wearing it so much I just had to put it in. This liner is in the colour 'Bois De Rose' and is a beautiful plumby, dusty pink (I'm not very good at describing colours). This liner just glides on to the lips so well and has really good staying power. It also blends really well into lipsticks to get the nice sort of darker to lighter gradient look.

I got this polish back in February but didn't really wear it, as I came to the conclusion that it was a more summery colour, so when it got to Easter, and the weather started to get a tiny bit nicer, I decided to wear this and I just loved it. It's so bright, and some how it looks good with every outfit. I wore it over the entirety of the easter holidays and will 100% be wearing even more throughout the summer!

This body butter is just incredible. It's lovely and soft with tiny bits in it which helps moisturise your body, and, the smell is amazing. I understand that if you don't really like the smell of orange, you will definitely not love this product, but if you're like me and do, this is the definitely 100% the body butter for you.

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