Lorac Mega Pro 2 palette review

After a couple of months of lots of work and stress, I am back today with possibly one of my most exciting posts to date. For Christmas, I was lucky enough to receive the "Lorac Mega Pro 2' palette. Oh my goodness.

When I first set my eyes on this beauty of a palette back in September, on Ulta's Instagram account, I immediately fell in love with it, and started thinking about how it would ever be possible for my to get it. Obviously Lorac is purely an American brand and shipping from America is bloody expensive. In the end, my amazing Grandparents brought me one over from America as my Christmas present, and I was just speechless when I opened it. It was everything I was thinking it was going to be, but far, far more.

The palette is 2X the size of the original Lorac 1 and 2 palettes, with 32 gorgeous eyeshadows. The formulation of these shadows are something I have never experienced before. They honestly melt like butter when you touch them, and the pigmentation is out of this world. You need so little of the product to build up a colour, and they blend like an absolute dream. Blend-ability of eyeshadows is key for me, as it means you get a much more flawless, diffused eyeshadow look, as opposed to a blocky, uneven one. Also it means it's much softer on the delicate skin of your lids, because you don't have to blend for as long.

In the palette you get 16 matte shadows, and then 16 shimmer shadows. The velvety-smooth shadows, have been infused with soothing botanicals, which allows the shadows to be used wet or dry, meaning you can shade, shadow, line and define your eyes all with these eyeshadows.

Lets talk about the packaging, as even though it doesn't affect the brilliance of the product or not, the packaging, in my mind, will either make me love or hate a product. And for this product, I absolutely 100% LOVE it. It is super slim and can easily fit into many makeup bags, without taking up too much room, making it super easy for travel. You also get a huge mirror, which is every makeup lovers dream in a palette, as it means you can literally use it to do your makeup when on the go. When I was reading reviews on the product before I actually received it, many people said that the packaging was annoying because all the shadows make the interior and exterior dirty, but for me, this really isn't an issue. Yes, the inside and the front isn't completely shiny clean, but it doesn't affect the quality of the products, and in my opinion, I prefer it, as it makes the product look loved and used.

I thought I should quickly talk about using the colours wet and dry, as it was something I'd never really tried before getting this palette. For Christmas, I also received Mac Fix+ spray, which I started spraying on my brushes to apply the shimmer shades. And oh my lord was that a good idea. The shadows are perfectly pigmented on their own, but with the Fix+ they go from one level of amazing to another. The pigmentation becomes absolutely solid and ridiculously shimmery, which when used with one colour over the entire lid, is extremely flattering. This isn't saying that you have to  buy Fix+ wen you get this palette, as it works as well with a small amount of water on the brush, but definitely wearing them wet, makes a world of a difference.

This palette is absolutely jam packed full of colours that can be used from subtle everyday makeup looks, to full-on night out ones. I more or less use a shadow from this palette in every single makeup look I do, as they are all so versatile and with the right combination of shadows, can create some glamorous and elegant eye makeup looks. I have many favourite shadows from this incredible selection, so I'm going to tell you a couple of my favourites, and how I incorporate them into my makeup.

1. My first favourite has to be 'Goji' as I have no other shadow in my collection like it. It works well with shades like 'Cabernet' and 'Tangerine' for a really autumnal look. I love to pair those three together, with 'Tangerine' across the entire crease, 'Cabernet' in the outer crease and 'Goji' coming in across half the lid, as I think it really gives a nice warm look to the eyes. I then like to take 'Gold leaf' and put it across the rest of the lid, and then blend all together. This is one of my favourite looks with the palette, and I am constantly waring it everyday to make any outfit look slightly more 'dressed up'.

2. Another favourite of mine, is 'Blue quartz'. Wow. This colour is just gorgeous, and can be the focus of many makeup looks. I like to use 'Tawny' and 'Cabernet' in the crease, and also 'Goji' just in the outer corner, and then 'Bue quartz' and 'Gunmetal' over the lid, and it gives a gorgeous pop of blue, making any look that little bit more interesting.

3. My last favourite is 'Prosecco' and this really works with any look, with any colour combo. I place this across the entire lid, and boom. The makeup look is 10X more elegant and interesting.

So there you have it, my thoughts on the Lorac Mega Pro 2 palette! If you couldn't already tell, I absolutely adore it, and I wouldn't say it was far off being my favourite ever makeup product in my collection. I will be back soon my lovelies, but for now...

lots of love
Becky xX

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