Birthday 'makeup' presents

As some of you may know, late last month it was my 16th birthday, and I thought that it would be nice to share the makeup products that I got for my birthday, as I have been loving every one of them! I really love watching and reading about what other people got for their birthdays, so I thought it would be nice to do one of my own! I have quite a few products to talk about, so lets get on with it!

I got this beautiful palette from my Auntie and Uncle for my birthday and I am absolutely in love with it! The colours are super pigmented, and all matte (apart from skimp which is only slightly shimmery), so perfect for me! I am loving the nude colours at the moment and I have been using every colour in the palette! Before receiving this, I had heard lots of mixed reviews on the palette, but I am so happy I did get it because it is utterly amazing! Going from Left to right, I'll explain what I normally use each colour for.

'Skimp' - highlighting the brow bone, defining the inner corner and blending on the inner half of the bottom lash line.
'Stark' - Base or centre lid colour.
'Frisk' - Transition shade and base lid colour.
'Cover' - Outer crease colour, base shadow colour or transition shade.
'Primal' - Deepening the crease, defining the socket or transition shade.
'Undone' - Crease colour and eyebrows.

This palette is 100% worth buying because it is so small and compact, that it can easily fit in my makeup bag, so is perfect for taking around with me. Also it has a nice sized mirror which is always very handy when on the go!

So I got this foundation from my other Auntie and Uncle and I was super excited when I opened it because I had wanted it for so long! This is quite a full coverage foundation, although it is perfect for everyday use. I find that it is really long-wearing, and I can easily wear it all day without it coming off much. It is quite matte once applied, but I always use a matte powder afterwards just to make sure it isn't dewy at all because I have particuarly oily skin anyway. I buff this into my skin using the 'Zoeva 102 silk brush' and it just makes my skin look really flawless. I have the shade NC20 which matches the studio fix powder I have, so both products work really well together! The one downside to this foundation, is that it doesn't have a pump, but it honestly isn't the end of the world because they aren't too expensive and using it without a pump is easy enough! Overall this is an incredible foundation, and I would highly reccomend it!  

As well as the foundation, I was very lucky and also got this from my aunt and Uncle! This had been on my birthday list from the beginning and it is just as good as I had heard from many people. It is quite a similar colour to MAC 'Brave' but I don't have that one so its ok. The MAC lipsticks are honestly the best lipsticks I have tried as they are really pigmented and have a good staying-power. I think for a high end lipstick, the price is very reasonable, and for the quality of the product it's amazing. This is definitely one of my favourite lipsticks and I wear it on a day-to-day basis! The formulation of this lipstick is also great, and it is semi-matte (satin) and just looks lovely on.

I had always wanted a MAC blush, and I thought there was no better time to ask for one then my birthday. I was very excited when I opened this, and couldn't wait to wear it straight away! The pigmentation if this blush is incredible, and you only need the smallest amount to get a sufficient colour! It is a gorgeous dusty pink that I wear everyday, and it suits my skin tone really well, as it isn't too light or too dark. I haven't yet found a brush that I really like to apply my blusher, so I have sort of been switching between the Real Techniques 'Cheek Brush' and just a normal small fluffy brush, although neither of them seem to work that well for me, which is a shame. However, I manage to work though this and still make the blush look really lovely on!

After watching countless youtube videos with people using this concealer and saying how incredible it is, I decided I needed it and put it on my list immediately. I was lucky enough to get this from my amazing friend Becca and I was so super excited to use it! I asked for it in the lightest shade, as I really wanted to be able to highlight my face, as well as conceal dark circles and blemishes etc... This concealer is honestly amazing and extremely long-lasting. I ALWAYS use a beauty blender (Real Techniques 'Miracle Complexion Sponge) as I feel it blends the product much better into my skin than a concealer brush would. I have already recommended this to so many people as I think it is incredible!

Oh my goodness. I received this liquid lipstick from my sister, and just wow. I was never expecting it to be as incredible as it is! It has the most amazing texture when you apply it on your lips (like velvet I guess) and it lasts literally all day! It dries completely matte and makes your lips look extra big when it's on. They have quite a large range of colours, all nudes, pinks and reds, but this one is just gorgeous! It dries slightly more pink than it looks in the tube, but I really love it! I have been wearing it a lot recently and will definitely consider buying more of this product!

And thats it! I really hope you enjoyed this post, and consider buying some of these products as they are really amazing! Thank you for reading, and I'll see you next time! (Also, sorry for the different light in some of the photos, the sun was being a right pain!)

Much love,
Becky Xx

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