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Wow! It hasn't been long since my last post (go check it out!!!!!) but I have a loooooot of free time at the moment and I figured what better to spend my time doing than writing more posts for you all to enjoy! Yes, I know I have done a post on brushes before, but I recently purchased a new set of 8 brushes with my birthday money and I have been loving them so so so much and thought it was a good time to write about them and tell you why they're so amazing. So, I got my hand on the Zoeva Rose Golden brush set, which includes 8 beautiful brushes, all of AMAZING quality! Keep on reading if you want to find out about each brush in detail!

106 / POWDER
Out of the 8 brushes, this has to be my favourite, because it is SO DAMN SOFT! I mean all of the brushes are super soft and not scratchy whatsoever, but this one is just... incredible! The hairs on the brush aren't to compact, so it brushes on powder really neatly, not making your makeup look cakey. It is quite a large brush, meaning it picks up a lot of product at once for easy application. As well as the actual brush being very good, the handle is a perfect size, as it is quite chunky, making it easy and comfortable to hold whilst doing your makeup. Lastly, it really goes without saying, but the rose gold coloured metal around the top of the brushes makes them look even more gorgeous, and a lovely feature to your dressing table!

This has to be the best brush for foundation that I have ever used. The trusty buffing brush and expert face brush were my go-to brushes when it came to foundation, but unfortunately they have both been replaced (well, I guess it's more of a good thing!). This brush has quite a similar shape to the 106, but the bristles are shorter and much more compact, making for a nice full coverage. The brush is great for buffing foundation into the skin, but also blending it in to your concealer to remove any harsh lines. This is definitely a must have brush as it makes my foundation look f l a w l e s s which is 100% what I need.

I am in love with this brush. I have always struggled to find a contour/bronzer brush that I have loved, and am constantly switching between the small hoola bronzer brush and the real techniques contour brush, but now I can finally say I have found a winner. This fits perfectly into he hollows of my cheeks, so I can really sculpt my face and accentuate my cheekbones. This is also a super soft brush and it picks up the product really well! I also use it to bronze up the outer parts of my face to make myself look more tanned have have a natural bronzed glow, and it does the job really nicely as well.

So, there isn't really much to say about this brush, apart from, it does the job it's meant to really super nicely! Once I have used the 127 to apply my bronzer, this brush is just perfect for going over the top of the bronzed areas to lighten it up and also blend it out evenly so it doesn't look ridiculous, like I have just smudged mud across my face. I use it in small circular motions to 1. buff it into my face, and 2. evenly distribute the product. I also use this brush to blend out my blush if I apply too much because it just makes my makeup look flawless because of the soft bristles on the brush.

Well, if you read my other blog post about brushes back at Christmas, you will know that I don't tend to use brushes for their specific use, and this habit has carried on! Although this is a concealer buffer, I am a huge fan of doing my concealer with a beauty blender because I think it just looks nicer, as it blends really easily. I am sure that this brush is perfect for concealer, however, I prefer to use it to apply my base colour of eyeshadow. As the bristles are quite compact, it applies a lot of product and increases the staying power of the shadow. It blends really easily and is super soft like the rest of the brushes!

I absolutely adore this brush! It fits perfectly into my crease and like the 142, blends really easily. I normally use windscreen wiper motions to get the shadow into my crease and this does the job extremely well. The bristles are slightly longer than the other eyeshadow brushes in the set, which is definitely an up-side. It is so light and fluffy and applies the shadow really well!

Nearly there! I use this brush for two different things on my eyes. Number one, is defining my socket. When doing a darker shadow look, I like to take the darkest colour I am using, and apply it, using this brush, just in the socket of my eye. It really defines the shape of my eyes and gives them some more definition. I then blend it out with the 227, but sometimes just leave it, especially if I am going for a bolder makeup look. The second thing I use it for is blending out the eyeshadow underneath my eye. Recently, I have started putting eyeshadow on my lash line to complete my makeup look, but i you just apply it without blending it, it looks pretty ridiculous, so I just sweep this back and fourth under my eye to soften up the colour and distribute the product evenly across the lash line!

Now, last but not least is the wing liner brush, which I actually use for my eyebrows! I recently purchased the brow wiz eyebrow pencil from Anastasia Beverly Hills, and I really love it, although I am too scared to use it all up, so on days where I don't want to use it, I will use the colour undone from the naked 2 basics palette and this brush to shape and fill in my brows. The angle on the brush is quite steep, which means I can shape my brows really nicely and fill in any sparse ares really quickly. The bristles are, again, really soft which makes using it that little bit more pleasant!

And thats it! I really enjoyed writing this post and am going to be writing much much more for you all to read! As always, thank you for reading and I will speak to you all soon!

With much love,
Becky Xx

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  1. I love Zoeva brushes. The petit crease is one of my favorites (:
    Nati xx