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Recently, I've been trying to think of different post ideas that I've never done before, and I thought that a 'collection' post was a good idea! I have decided to dedicate this post to my palettes because I am all for palettes, especially eyeshadow ones. I have been building up my collection for a while now, and still hope for it to grow even more, as you can never have too many eyeshadows! As you will find out, I only have eyeshadow palettes, but I soon hope to purchase some contour and blush palettes! So anyway, let's get on with it!

1. First up is a reasonably new palette, and this is the 'What are you waiting for' Salvation palette by Makeup Revolution. Recently, I have been hearing so much about Makeup Revolution, and I cannot believe that I have only just bought stuff from this brand. For a really cheap drugstore company, these eyeshadows are utterly incredible. They are super buttery and pigmented, and blend really well. I always use my 'MAC Soft Ochre pro long wear paintpot' underneath and it just makes these stay on even longer. I love this palette so much because it has a lovely range of colours, the majority with a purply undertone which I absolutely love. As you can see, you get 6 gorgeous matte shades, and 12 shimmery ones which are also incredible. I love to use the left hand side for the day time, and then the right hand side for the evening as they are darker, more bold colours. Overall, this palette gets a 10/10 from me and I will 100% be buying more things from Makeup Revolution!

Superdrug - £6

2. Next up is another Makeup Revolution palette, and this one is the 'Iconic Pro 1' palette. I chose this one over the 'Iconic Pro 2' because I just thought I would use more of the colours, although the 2 is also amazing. Like the other palette I have, the colours are incredibly pigmented and so buttery and lovely to apply. I love to use all of the colours in this palette and have created some amazing eye shadow looks with the shadows alone! You also get a double ended Iconic pro revolution brush which is surprisingly good. With brushes that come in palettes, I tend to find that they aren't very good, although this one definitely gave me a pleasant surprise as it really is an amazing brush. I use the flat end to pack on the eyeshadow to make the most of the pigment, and then the fluffy end to blend and apply my base shadow. I still can't believe quite how good this brand is, and it is so cheap it's unbelievable. I have been telling all my friends about this and highly recommend it!

Superdrug - £8

3. It must've been about 2 years ago now, but my auntie gave me this palette because she didn't really want it, but she hadn't used it much and I was like 'wow, that was unexpected' and was instantly obsessed with it! It has 10 beautiful colours in it, and I have mainly used the more neutral, browny colours, as opposed to the brighter green and blue. The colours are buttery and really pigmented, and they also blend extremely easily. I have (sadly) hit the pan on my favourite colour 'Sin' which just shows how brilliant they are! As my auntie gave this to me as a product she didn't want, I didn't get a box with it and on the actual palette its self, it doesn't have a name, but after searching the internet, I have found that it is called the 'Ammo palette'! Unfortunately, Urban Decay have discontinued this palette in the UK, so it is no longer available on the website. However, it is still on the American website, now reduced to $16!

4. I'm not really going to talk about this palette because I rambled on enough about it in one of my latest posts! If you want to find out more about this incredible palette, highlight and open the URL! (For some reason I can't link the post properly!)

5. So, This was given to me as an extra christmas present from my grandparents, as a sample my Gran got when she shopped at Estee Lauder. This is a small palette with a mixture of colours from the 'Pure Colour' palettes, with 3 purple undertones (1 satin, 1 shimmer and 1 matte) and then 3 nude/brown undertones (again, 1 satin, 1 shimmer and 1matte). As a free sample, this is an incredible palette. The colours are very pigmented and long-lasting and also blend together really nicely. As you can not purchase this particular palette, I would definitely recommend one of the pure colour palettes, as they have some really amazing eyeshadows!

6. This was given to me for my birthday last year from my Auntie, and I was so happy when I opened it, as I had never had any eyeshadows from benefit, so this was very exciting for me! This is the 'Big beautiful eyes' palette and it is an 'eye contour kit' so you get three colours and the boing concealer, all in one handy palette. I used up the concealer quite quickly as I had just run out of my normal one, and I really did like it, although it was perhaps a shade too dark for my skin. I much prefer liquid concealers because I just find that they have a fuller coverage, but this prooved to be a good concealer for school. Then the eyeshadows, I really love theses shadows, and the three colours go really well together to make a lovely pinky smokey eye. They are really pigmented and blendable, and I need to start using this palette more again!

Benefit - £25.50

7. I absolutely adore this palette, although recently I have not been using it enough! The colours are all lovely with 3 matte and 1 shimmer, and they are perfect for everyday wear (school/work) as they aren't too bold. The pigmentation is fantastic and they blend very well, although, for me, I need to wear an eye primer with them because I have very oily eyelids, and very few eyeshadows stay on all day if I don't. As you can see, I have hit the pan on the colour 'Pink T' which is a gorgeous dusty pink colour. I would highly recommend this palette because it is good quality for a drugstore palette, and it is perfect for travelling as well, due to its small and compact size!

Boots - £10

8. Now, last but not least, I have one my my older palettes, which is the 'i-Divine Storm 578' palette, which I got maybe just under 2 years ago? I was honestly in love with this palette when I first got it, and used it every single day! The colour range is lovely and I have used a lot of the colours, some are nearly at the pan. The three matte shades are lovely, but my favourites are the shimmer shade. I have a feeling that when I got this, It had some sort of label saying the names of the shadows, but over the years, I have managed to lose that, so can't say what they are called. However, My favourite shades are the browns (as per) and the deep red and rose gold colours. The shadows are very pigmented and buttery, which makes wearing them all that more pleasant as they don't flake or anything. I know that sleek have a huge range of palettes, and I hope to buy some more very soon! (and yes, I did manage to break the lid)

Superdrug - £7.99

And thats a wrap! All my palettes in one neat post! I really hope that you like this post and enjoyed reading it! As I am going away on Friday, I'm not sure if I will be able to upload anything for a week, but don't worry, I have one last post that I am working on before I go!

Much love,

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